Accelerating Operational Excellence with Generative AI


TRACKGenerative AI
INDUSTRYFinancial Services
TECHNOLOGIESDelta Lake, GenAI/LLMs, Orchestration
SKILL LEVELIntermediate

This session will showcase how our Financial/Insurance company implemented a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system to enhance customer service efficiency. We'll provide an overview of our RAG architecture and how we used Databricks to build a robust data pipeline for indexing content and collecting user feedback. We'll explore innovations like multi-stage content chunking, advanced search retrieval techniques, and an evaluation framework for optimization. Our feedback loop using Databricks workflow improves the RAG implementation. We'll also highlight our unique orchestration layer that accelerates Generative AI use cases. By the end, you'll understand how Generative AI can transform customer service operations with strategies for efficiency and automation. These learnings apply to any customer service organization striving for operational greatness.


Peter Landis

/Principal Engineer
Northwestern Mutual

Gen Li

/Lead Data Engineer
Northwestern Mutual