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June 10–13, 2024
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AI Regulation is Coming: The EU AI Act and How Databricks Can Help with Compliance

Wednesday, June 28 @12:30 PM
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With the heightened attention on LLMs and what they can do, and the widening impact of AI on day-to-day life, the push by regulators across the globe to regulate AI is intensifying. As with GDPR in the privacy realm, the EU is leading the way with the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). Regulators everywhere will be looking to the AIA as precedent, and understanding the requirements imposed by the AIA is important for all players in the AI channel. Although not finalized, the basic framework regarding how the AIA will work is becoming clearer. The impact on developers and deployers of AI (‘providers’ and ‘users’ under the AIA) will be substantial. Although the AIA will probably not go into effect until early 2025, AI applications developed today will likely be affected, and design and development decisions made now should take the future regulations into account. In this session, we Matteo Quattrocchi, Brussels-based Director, Policy – EMEA, for BSA (the Software Alliance – the leading advocacy organization representing the enterprise software sector), will present an overview of the current proposed requirements under the AIA and give an update on the ongoing deliberations and likely timing for enactment. We will also highlight some of the ways the Lakehouse platform, including Managed MLflow, can help providers and users of ML-based applications meet the requirements of the AIA and other upcoming AI regulations.


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Session Speakers

Headshot of Scott Starbird

Scott Starbird

General Counsel, Public Affairs and Strategic Partnerships


Headshot of Matteo Quattrocchi

Matteo Quattrocchi

Director, Policy-EMEA


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