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JUNE 26-29, 2023
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Big Data in the Age of Moneyball

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Data and predictions have permeated sports and our conversations around it since the beginning. Who will win the big game this weekend? How many points will your favorite player score? How much money will be guaranteed in the next free agent contract? Once could argue that data-driven decisions in sports started with Moneyball in baseball, in 2003.

In the two decades since, data and technology have exploded on the scene. The Texas Rangers are using modern cloud software, such as Databricks, to help make sense of this data, and provide actionable information to create a World Series team on the field.

From computer vision, pose analytics, and player tracking, to pitch design, base stealing likelihood, and more, come see how the Texas Rangers are using innovative cloud technologies to create action-driven reports from the current sea of Big Data. Finally, this talk will demonstrate how the Texas Rangers use MLFlow and the MLRegistry inside Databricks to organize their predictive models.

Session Speakers

Headshot of Alexander Booth

Alexander Booth

Senior Analyst

Texas Rangers Baseball Club, LLC

Headshot of Ryan Stoll

Ryan Stoll

Data Engineer

Texas Rangers Baseball Club

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