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Data Policy in the Past, Present, and Future

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Federal, State, and Local governments are doing their best to play catch-up as the modern world is revolutionized by the collection and utilization of vast data repositories. This leaves them in the awkward position of implementing their own data modernization projects while simultaneously cleaning up the regulatory mess created by the widely accepted "Go fast and break things" mentality of industry. This talk draws up on Jacob Pasner, PhD's data science background and his yearlong experience as a Science and Technology Policy fellow on Senator Ron Wyden's technology policy team. The discussion will center on his work navigating the complex inner workings of Federal executive and legislative branch bureaucracies while drafting first-of-its kind government data legislation, advocating for congressional modernization projects, and leading data privacy oversight of industry. Note: The opinions presented here are Jacob Pasner's alone and do not represent the views of Senator Ron Wyden or his office.

Session Speakers

Jacob Pasner

Research Data Specialist II

State Water Resources Control Board

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