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June 10–13, 2024
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Databricks Asset Bundles: A Standard, Unified Approach to Deploying Data Products on Databricks

Wednesday, June 28 @4:30 PM
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In this session, we will introduce Databricks Asset Bundles, provide a demonstration of how they work for a variety of data products, and how to fit them into an overall CICD strategy for the well-architected Lakehouse.


Data teams produce a variety of assets; datasets, reports and dashboards, ML models, and business applications. These assets depend upon code (notebooks, repos, queries, pipelines), infrastructure (clusters, SQL warehouses, serverless endpoints), and supporting services/resources like Unity Catalog, Databricks Workflows, and DBSQL dashboards. Today, each organization must figure out a deployment strategy for the variety of data products they build on Databricks as there is no consistent way to describe the infrastructure and services associated with project code.


Databricks Asset Bundles is a new capability on Databricks that standardizes and unifies the deployment strategy for all data products developed on the platform. It allows developers to describe the infrastructure and resources of their project through a YAML configuration file, regardless of whether they are producing a report, dashboard, online ML model, or Delta Live Tables pipeline. Behind the scenes, these configuration files use Terraform to manage resources in a Databricks workspace, but knowledge of Terraform is not required to use Databricks Asset Bundles.


  • Breakout


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  • Data Lakehouse Architecture, Databricks Experience (DBX)


  • Enterprise Technology, Professional Services


  • Intermediate


  • 40 min
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Session Speakers

Headshot of Rafi Kurlansik

Rafi Kurlansik

Lead Solutions Architect


Headshot of Pieter Noordhuis

Pieter Noordhuis

Sr. Staff Software Engineer


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