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June 10–13, 2024
San Francisco + Virtual
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Delta Live Tables A to Z: Best Practices for Modern Data Pipelines

Wednesday, June 28 @12:30 PM
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Join Databricks' Distinguished Principal Engineer Michael Armbrust for a technical deep dive into how Delta Live Tables (DLT) reduces the complexity of data transformation and ETL. Learn what’s new; what’s coming; and how to easily master the ins-and-outs of DLT.


Michael will describe and demonstrate:

  • What’s new in Delta Live Tables (DLT) - Enzyme, Enhanced Autoscaling, and more

  • How to easily create and maintain your DLT pipelines

  • How to monitor pipeline operations

  • How to optimize data for analytics and ML

  • Sneak Peek into the DLT roadmap


  • Breakout


  • In Person, Virtual


  • Data Engineering, Databricks Experience (DBX)


  • Intermediate


  • 90 min

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Headshot of Michael Armbrust

Michael Armbrust

Distinguished Engineer


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