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Democratizing Metrics at Airbnb

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  • Data Analytics, BI and Visualization


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  • Moscone South | Level 2 | 211


  • 35 min
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Data democratization is the process of enabling self-service access to harness insights from data for anyone with varying levels of data expertise in an organization. Without being deliberate, this process often leads to a proliferation of data tools that makes it inherently challenging to ensure consistent insights.

At Airbnb, we’ve created a centralized metrics platform named Minerva to guarantee data consistency at scale. You may read about the introduction of Minerva (a 3-part blog) in the Airbnb Tech Blog.

In this talk, we’ll share several architectural changes we’ve made to allow for unprecedented flexibility while maintaining consistency, and introduce our plan for open-sourcing Minerva.

Session Speakers

Shao Xie

Sr.Engineering Manager

Airbnb Inc

Toby Mao

Senior Staff Engineer

Airbnb Inc

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