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Fastest Speed to Market with Open-Source Retail Analytics Platform

Wednesday, June 29 @4:45 PM


The data and AI/ML platform empowers analysts to perform interactive analysis and product developers to build intelligent analytical products. The platform is scalable, performant, secure, reliable and built largely using the open-source technologies.

The platform speeds up delivery to the market and serves all data needs of the organization:
• Data Ingestion including batch and streaming
• Data Discovery
• Data Preparation
• Data Governance and Data Security
• Data Lineage and Data Quality
• Data Access
• Data Visualization for BI type of use cases

Virtual Data-Mart
The Platform supports “Virtual Data-Marts” avoiding the necessity of ETL-pipelines and stale data and the associated brittleness

The “Low-Code AI” Platform leverages the Data Platform and empowers the Data Scientists to:
 Create, re-use and manage features
 AutoML: Feature Selection, Model Selection and Hyperparameter
 Model Creation & Training
 Model Deployment & Inference
 ML Explainability

Lowes-360 App Store
All platform services are launched from one portal which can grant access and provision resources for a new team or a new member of the team

Use Cases Powered by the platform:
Wide verity of retail analytic use cases at Lowe’s are powered by the platform including
1. Digital: Customer 360 and Order Cancellation
2. Stores: Asset Protection, Workforce Management, Inventory Management
3. Merchandising: Vendor Analytics and Space Productivity
4. Supply Chain: Customer Promise and Demand Planning
5. Pro: Inside Sales and Pro-Loyalty
6. AI/ML: Demand Forecasting, Sentiment Analysis, NLP, Weather, Anomaly Detection


  • Session


  • Hybrid


  • Data Analytics, BI and Visualization


  • Retail and Consumer Goods


  • Intermediate


  • Moscone South | Level 2 | 211


  • 35 min

Session Speakers

Headshot of Sudhir Kulkarni

Sudhir Kulkarni

Vice President of Data Science and Platforms

Lowes Inc.

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