Honeywell Intelligrated’s IoT Streaming Lakehouse


TRACKData Engineering and Streaming
TECHNOLOGIESData Sharing, Delta Lake, Governance
SKILL LEVELIntermediate

Honeywell Intelligrated automates warehouse distribution and fulfillment operations to meet demanding service level agreements, manage exponential SKU growth, satisfy rising customer expectations, and address labor challenges. We want to share our journey launching two new IoT streaming services that power self-service data collection, custom analytics, and AI-driven solutions. The IoT services stream live control system and robotics edge data from over 50 warehouse sites across North & Central America. Databricks, Unity Catalog, and Delta Live Table pipelines serve as the backbone for effective data governance and efficient streaming data processing. Our Databricks Lakehouse doesn't stop at processing semi-structured IoT data. Migrating our traditional BI workloads to the lakehouse allowed us to standardize our ingestion methods and open up new capabilities like query federation and Delta Sharing all while laying the foundation for AI customized on our enterprise and IoT data.


Quinton Stephens

/Data Engineer
Honeywell Intelligrated

Mitul Desai

/Sr Analytic & Product Innovation Manager
Honeywell Intelligrated