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How to get your data catalog implementation right the first time

Wednesday, June 29 @11:30 AM


In this session, I share our learnings from 4 attempts and the 5 years it took to finally succeed in implementing a successful data catalog for our team. Our team first started dabbling with data catalogs back in 2013 with an NLP search powered by a knowledge graph. Despite it being one of our most successful technical accomplishments, we failed to build relevancy into data discovery. After this, we made another two attempts which failed, before finally getting it right the fourth time.

This session covers our learnings and tactical takeaways for data leaders who want to get it right the first time including:

- How to align your team to a north star using a values manifesto to create a culture of documentation and trust
- Moving from a data service to a data product mindset
- Creating shipping standards for your data products
- Implementing tooling that focuses on user experience and collaboration to drive ease of use and adoption
- The future of data catalogs & metadata activation


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  • Intermediate


  • Moscone South | Level 2 | 207


  • 35 min

Session Speakers

Prukalpa Sankar



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