A How to Guide to Design an Enterprise GenAI Platform


TYPELightning Talk

As part of their global AI strategy, companies want to ensure that they are at the forefront in developing and implementing cutting-edge technology. A large chunk of that AI strategy is to provide hundreds and thousands of employees with the tech stack to build and/or consume GenAI applications with proper governance and control. But what are the components of that state-of-art architecture? In this showcase, we will review architecture that involves Databricks, Dataiku LLM Mesh, Nvidia, and CSPs. We will walk through a RAG based application for a practical use case that will leverage the architecture discussed with pre/post processing of data. We will discuss how to operationalize the use case with proper governance and controls required in an enterprise grade application. This showcase will be able to provide a proof point of the modern day architecture for creating a platform for GenAI developers in your organization. And did I say we will do this with very few lines of code if any!


Anjaney Shrivastava

/RVP - Global Partner enablement