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From PostGIS to Spark SQL: The History and Future of Spatial SQL

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In this talk, we'll review the major milestones that have defined Spatial SQL as the powerful tool for geospatial analytics that it is today.

From the early foundations of the JTS Topology Suite and GEOS and its application on the PostGIS extension for PostgreSQL, to the latest implementation in Spark SQL using libraries such as the CARTO Analytics Toolbox for Databricks, Spatial SQL has been a key component of many geospatial analytics products and solutions, leveraging the computing power of different databases with SQL as lingua franca, allowing easy adoption by data scientists, analysts and engineers.

The latest innovation in this area is the CARTO Spatial Extension for Databricks, which makes the most of the near-unlimited scalability provided by Spark and the cutting-edge geospatial capabilities that CARTO offers.

Session Speakers

Ernesto Martínez

Product Manager


Matthew Forrest

VP Solutions Engineering


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