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Self-Service Data Analytics and Governance at Enterprise Scale with Unity Catalog

Wednesday, June 28 @2:30 PM
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This session focuses on one of the first Unity Catalog implementations for a large-scale enterprise. In this scenario, a cloud scale analytics platform with 7500 active users based on the lakehouse approach is used. In addition, there is potential for 1500 further users who are subject to special governance rules. They are consuming more than 600 TB of data stored in Delta Lake - continuously growing at more than 1TB per day. This might grow due to local country data. Therefore, the existing data platform must be extended to enable users to combine global and local data from their countries. A new data management was required, which reflects the strict information security rules at a need to know base. Core requirements are: read only from global data, write into local and share the results.


Due to a very pronounced information security awareness and a lack of the technological possibilities it was not possible to interdisciplinary analyze and exchange data so easy or at all so far. Therefore, a lot of business potential and gains could not be identified and realized.


With the new developments in the technology used and the basis of the lakehouse approach, thanks to Unity Catalog, we were able to develop a solution that could meet high requirements for security and process. And enables globally secured interdisciplinary data exchange and analysis at scale. This solution enables the democratization of the data. This results not only in the ability to gain better insights for business management, but also to generate entirely new business cases or products that require a higher degree of data integration and encourage the culture to change. We highlight technical challenges and solutions, present best practices and point out benefits of implementing Unity catalog for enterprises.


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