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Spark Inception: Exploiting the Apache Spark REPL to Build Streaming Notebooks

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  • Moscone South | Upper Mezzanine | 155


  • 35 min
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Join Scott Haines (Databricks Beacon) as he teaches you to write your own Notebook style service (like Jupyter / Zeppelin / Databricks) for both fun (and profit?). Cause haven't we all just been a little curious how Notebook environments work? From the outside things probably seem magical, however just below the surface there is a literal world of possibilities waiting to be exploited (both figuratively and literally) to assist in the building of unimaginable new creations. Curiosity is of course the foundation for creativity and novel ideation, and when armed with the knowledge you'll pick up in this session, you'll have gained an additional perspective and way of thinking (mental model) for solving complex problems using dynamic procedural (on-the-fly) code compilation.

Did I mention you'll use Spark Structured Streaming in order to generate a "live" communication channel between your Notebook service and the "outside world"?

During this session you'll learn to build your own Notebook-style service on top of Apache Spark & the Scala ILoop. Along the way, you'll uncover how to harness the SparkContext to manage, drive, and scale your own procedurally defined Apache Spark applications by mixing core configuration and other "magic". As we move through the steps necessary to achieve this end result, you'll learn to run individual paragraphs, or the entire synchronous waterfall of paragraphs, leading to the dynamic generation of applications.

Deep dive into the world of possibilities that fork from a solid understanding of procedurally generated, on-the-fly, code compilation (live injection), the security ramifications (cause of course this is unsafe!), but come away with a new mental model focused on architecting composite applications, or auto-generated

Session Speakers

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Scott Haines

Distinguished Software Engineer


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