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June 10–13, 2024
San Francisco + Virtual
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Thursday, June 29 @11:30 AM
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It’s no secret that access to the right data at the right time is critical for data-driven decision making. In fact, as data culture becomes more and more ingrained in the enterprise, business users increasingly demand real-time, actionable data. But, what happens when it takes up to 24 hours to access your point-of-sale data? RaceTrac faced many of these data accessibility challenges as it sought to derive intelligence from its retail transaction data, specifically the data from their stores, information from their fuel purchasing arms, and delivery data for their fleet.


Through a combination of the Databricks Lakehouse and the lineage and self-discovery capabilities of the Alation Data Intelligence Platform, RaceTrac rose to the challenge. Hear from Raghu Jayachandran, Senior Manager of Enterprise Data at RaceTrac, and discover how RaceTrac gained real-time access to their transaction data in Databricks, and uses Alation to provide insight into which data can drive the business insights they needed.


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  • Data Warehousing - Analytics - and BI


  • Retail and CPG - Food


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Session Speakers

Headshot of Raghu Jayachandran

Raghu Jayachandran

Senior Manager Enterprise Data

RaceTrac Inc.

Headshot of Diby Malakar

Diby Malakar

VP Product Management


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