Sponsored by: Insight Global | Generative AI and Advanced ML in Telco

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TYPELightning Talk
TRACKGenerative AI
INDUSTRYEnergy and Utilities, Media and Entertainment
TECHNOLOGIESDatabricks Experience (DBX), AI/Machine Learning, GenAI/LLMs
SKILL LEVELIntermediate

This session explores the transformative impact of Generative AI and Machine Learning (ML) on the telecommunications industry. We will delve into how these advanced technologies are revolutionizing network optimization, customer service, and operational efficiency. The discussion includes real-world case studies demonstrating the deployment of AI-driven solutions for predictive maintenance, automated troubleshooting, and dynamic resource allocation. Emphasis is placed on the role of generative AI in enhancing customer experience through personalized services and intelligent virtual assistants. Additionally, the session addresses the challenges and considerations of integrating AI/ML technologies in telecom, such as data privacy, regulatory compliance, and the need for robust infrastructure. Attendees will gain insights into future trends and the strategic advantages of leveraging AI/ML to drive innovation and competitiveness in the telecommunications sector.


Mansoor Aleem

/Managing Director Data AI
Insight Global