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UIMeta: A 10X Faster Cloud-Native Apache Spark History Server

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Spark history server is an essential tool for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing spark jobs.
The original history server is based on Spark event log mechanism. A running Spark job will produce many kinds of events that describe the job's status continuously. All the events are serialized into JSON and appended to a file —— event log. The history server has to replay the event log and rebuild the memory store needed for UI. In a cluster, the history server also needs to periodically scan the event log directory and cache all the files' metadata in memory.
Actually, an event log contains too much redundant info for a history server. A long-running application can bring a huge event log which may cost a lot to maintain and require a long time to replay. In large-scale production, the number of jobs can be large and leads to a heavy burden on history servers. It needs additional development to build a scalable history server service.
In this talk, we want to introduce a new history server based on UIMeta. UIMeta is a wrapper of the KVStore objects needed by a Spark UI. A job will bring a UIMeta log by stagedly serializing UIMeta. An UIMeta log is approximately 10x smaller in size and 10x faster in replaying compared to the original event log file. Benefitting from the good performance, we develop a new stateless history server without a directory scan. Currently, UIMeta Service has taken the place of the original history server and provided service for millions of jobs per day in Bytedance.

Session Speakers

Lantao Jin

Head of Spark Engine Team


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