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June 10–13, 2024
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Using Cisco Spaces Firehose API as a Stream of Data for Real-Time Occupancy Modelling

Wednesday, June 28 @12:30 PM
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Honeywell manages the control of equipment for hundreds of thousands of buildings worldwide. Many of our outcomes relating to energy and comfort rely on knowing where people are in the building at any one time. This is so we can target health and comfort conditions more suitably to areas where are more densely populated. Many of these buildings have Cisco IT infrastructure in them. Using their WIFI points and the RSSI signal strength from people’s laptops and phones, Cisco can calculate the number of people in each area of the building. Cisco Spaces offer this data up as a real-time streaming source. Honeywell HBT has utilized this stream of data by writing delta live table pipelines to consume this data source.


Honeywell buildings can now receive this firehose data from hundreds of concurrent customers and provide this occupancy data as a service to our vertical offerings in commercial, health, real estate and education. We will discuss the benefits of using DLT to handle this sort of incoming stream data, and illustrate the pain points we had and the resolutions we undertook in successfully receiving the stream of Cisco data. We will illustrate how our DLT pipeline was designed, and how it scaled to deal with huge quantities of real-time streaming data.


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