Hareesh Veldandi
Hareesh Veldandi is the founder of Percept Health and author of "The Hidden Crisis: Inefficiency, Waste, and Overspending in the American Healthcare System," a book nominated for MedPage Today’s 2022 Readers’ Choice Award. He has been a healthcare strategist, and data alchemist for two decades, advising leading health systems, payers and other firms.

With an MBA from University of Cambridge, he helped esteemed organizations like Advocate Health, Kaiser Permanente, Banner Health, WHO and NHS. He also worked at Microsoft, Epic and Orion Health.

As a leader of healthcare data and AI company, he drives initiatives to propel healthcare firms to embrace cloud data platforms, and generative AI workflows to unlock true potential of liquid data.

Hareesh’s sessions

Hareesh will be contributing to these sessions at Data + AI Summit 2024: