Thang Luong
Thang Luong is currently a Senior Staff Research Scientist at Google DeepMind, ex Google Brain. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2016, during which he pioneered the field of deep learning for machine translation. At Google, Dr. Luong built state-of-the-art models in both language (QANet, ELECTRA) and vision (UDA, NoisyStudent). He co-founded Project Meena, which debuted the world’s best chatbot in 2020 and later became Google LaMDA chatbot in 2021. Dr. Luong has been co-leading the development of Bard Multimodality since 2022 and is the principal investigatorI of the AlphaGeometry project (Nature, 2024) that solves Olympiad geometry problems at the IMO level.

Thang’s sessions

Thang will be contributing to these sessions at Data + AI Summit 2024:
Yejin Choi/

University of Washington

Ken Goldberg/

University of California Berkeley

Omar Khattab/


Monica Lam/


Noam Brown/


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