Vini Jaiswal
Vini Jaiswal is a renowned expert in AI and Data, acclaimed for her significant contributions to Apache Spark, MLflow, PrivacyGo and, notably, Delta Lake. With her diverse roles including Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of AI & Data at Linux Foundation, Governing Board member at Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC), and co-chair of open-source at Grace Hopper (Anitab.org), she leads the technical direction in open source, ensuring industry coherence and promoting responsible AI advancement. Her leadership extends to spearheading Open Source initiatives at TikTok, following her impactful contributions to data and AI advancement at Databricks and as VP of Data Science and ML at Citi.

Vini’s sessions

Vini will be contributing to these sessions at Data + AI Summit 2024:
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Linux Foundation AI and Data