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Keynote: Discover Lakehouse

December 13 @11:00 AM


As the worlds of data, analytics and AI become increasingly interconnected, there’s a growing need for a platform to unify data sources, use cases and workloads. The data lakehouse removes the barriers that separate business analysts from data scientists, structured data from real-time streaming and business intelligence from AI. This opening keynote explores how the lakehouse’s simple, open, multicloud approach simplifies data management, unifies data teams and productionizes more initiatives.

Using a demo-driven approach, this keynote will clearly delineate how the major data workloads of data engineering, data warehousing, data science and machine learning are orchestrated within the architecture of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

  • The Case for Lakehouse, Breaking down the data and governance silos
  • The Case for Lakehouse, Customer Story
  • Data Engineering on the Lakehouse
  • Data Warehousing on the Lakehouse
  • Machine Learning on the Lakehouse

Session Speakers

Headshot of Arsalan Tavakoli

Arsalan Tavakoli

Co-Founder & SVP, Field Engineering


Headshot of Shant Hovsepian

Shant Hovsepian

Principal Software Engineer


Headshot of Bilal Aslam

Bilal Aslam

Sr. Director, Product Management


Headshot of Craig Wiley

Craig Wiley

Senior Director of Product Management


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