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Deep Dive: How to Build Your Modern Data Stack on Databricks to Solve Modern Problems

January 10 @5:00 PM


Everyone wants to reduce the time it takes to turn data into actionable information. This often involves integrating several data tools in what has become known as the modern data stack (MDS). But, most approaches have only focused on half the problem by rooting the MDS in the data warehouse. A true MDS should solve all modern problems, and this means tackling AI and streaming in addition to reporting and BI. In this deep dive demo session, we show you how easy it is to integrate the Databricks Lakehouse Platform into your modern data stack to connect all your data tools across SQL, AI/ML, and streaming, and discover new methods to unlock insights faster.

Session Speakers

Headshot of Tahir Fayyaz

Tahir Fayyaz

Senior Partner Solutions Architect


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