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MLOps on Databricks: Unifying DataOps, ModelsOps, and DevOps On One Platform

January 10 @3:10 PM


As companies roll out ML pervasively, operational concerns become the primary source of complexity.  Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) has emerged as a practice to manage this complexity.  At Databricks, we see firsthand how customers develop their MLOps approaches across a huge variety of teams and businesses.

In this session, we will share how Databricks uniquely solves this by unifying the key aspects of MLOps, namely DataOps, ModelsOps and DevOps, on a unified platform through the Lakehouse, enabling faster and more reliable production ML . We will show how your organization can build robust MLOps practices incrementally. and unpack general principles which can guide your organization’s decisions for MLOps, presenting the most common target architectures we observe across customers.

Session Speakers

Headshot of Rafi Kurlansik

Rafi Kurlansik

Lead Solutions Architect


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