Publishing Data on Databricks
for DBCE and Customers

To make it easier for you to perform your analysis, for those using Databricks or Databricks Community Edition, we are periodically copying and making available various COVID-19 datasets for research (i.e. non-commercial) purposes. We are currently updating the following datasets and we will add more over time.



/../COVID/CORD-19/ COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19)
/../COVID/CSSEGISandData/ 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data Repository by Johns Hopkins CSSE
/../COVID/ESRI_hospital_beds/ Definitive Healthcare: USA Hospital Beds
/../COVID/IHME/ IHME (UW) COVID-19 Projections
/../COVID/USAFacts/ USA Facts: Confirmed | Deaths
/../COVID/coronavirusdataset/ Data Science for COVID-19 (DS4C) (South Korea)
/../COVID/covid-19-data/ NY Times COVID-19 Datasets