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Automating Business Decisions Using Event Streams

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  • Hybrid


  • Data Analytics, BI and Visualization


  • Intermediate


  • Moscone South | Level 2 | 211


  • 35 min
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Today's real-time solutions demand continuousness, autonomy, and observability. Data streams have evolved to guarantee only continuousness; thus, streams alone will never satisfy this demand. Industries instead crave a properly end-to-end streaming architecture backing their applications and services -- a concept that has narrowly evaded realization until now.

In this session, Rohit Bose will demonstrate how such architectures cleanly solve complex problems. This will require two parts:

1. Building an industry-specific application that continuously generates insights and reports them over dynamically-scoped real-time streams
2. Discussing the advantages and generalizations of the application's design

The demo will utilize the Swim platform to expose thousands of streaming APIs seeded by an Apache Kafka firehose, enabling both real-time map visualizations and decision-making clients to instantly observe changes across distributed entities with zero unnecessary subscriptions.

Session Speakers

Rohit Bose

Senior Software Engineer


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