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Cloud and Data Science Modernization of Veterans Affairs Financial Service Center with Azure Databricks

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is home to over 420,000 employees, provides health care for 9.16 million enrollees and manages the benefits of 5.75 million recipients. The VA also hosts an array of financial management, professional, and administrative services at their Financial Service Center (FSC), located in Austin, Texas. The FSC is divided into various service groups organized around revenue centers and product lines, including the Data Analytics Service (DAS). To support the VA mission, in 2021 FSC DAS continued to press forward with their cloud modernization efforts, successfully achieving four key accomplishments:

Office of Community Care (OCC) Financial Time Series Forecast - Financial forecasting enhancements to predict claims
CFO Dashboard - Productivity and capability enhancements for financial and audit analytics
Datasets Migrated to the Cloud - Migration of on-prem datasets to the cloud for down-stream analytics (includes a supply chain proof-of-concept)
Data Science Hackathon - A hackathon to predict bad claims codes and demonstrate DAS abilities to accelerate a ML use case using Databricks AutoML

This talk discusses FSC DAS’ cloud and data science modernization accomplishments in 2021, lessons learned, and what’s ahead.

Scott Meier
Cary Moore

Session Speakers

Cary Moore


Scott Meier

Director, Data Analytics Service

Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Financial Services Center

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