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Setting up On Shelf Availability Alerts at Scale with Databricks and Azure

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Tredence' s OSA accelerator is a robust quick-start guide that is the foundation for a full Out of Stock or Supply Chain solution. The OSA solution focuses on driving sales through improved stock availability on the shelves. The following components make up the OSA accelerator.

• Identifying OOS Situation: ML models to identify the Out-Of-Stock scenario in a store at a SKU level taking in account the level of phantom inventory

• Identifying Off-Sales Behavior: ML models to identify the off-sale behavior of a SKU in particular which is attributable to phantom inventory, stock less than presentation stock or improper operations within the store

• Smart Alerts: Alert mechanism for the store manager and merchandizing reps in order to maintain healthy stock in the store and increase the revenue

Session Speakers

Sunil Ranganathan

Director, Product Management


Ann Sterle

Senior Manager, CPG Strategy


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