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Simon Whiteley + Denny Lee Live Ask Me Anything

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  • Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Data Lakehouses


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  • Moscone South | Upper Mezzanine | 152


  • 35 min


Simon and Denny Build A Thing is a live webshow, where Simon Whiteley (Advancing Analytics) and Denny Lee (Databricks) are building out a TV Ratings Analytics tool, working through the various challenges of building out a Data Lakehouse using Databricks. In this session, they'll be talking through their Lakehouse Platform, revisiting various pieces of functionality, and answering your questions, Live!

This is your chance to ask questions around structuring a lake for enterprise data analytics, the various ways we can use Delta Live Tables to simplify ETL or how to get started serving out data using Databricks SQL. We have a whole load of things to talk through, but we want to hear YOUR questions, which we can field from industry experience, community engagement and internal Databricks direction. There's also a chance we'll get distracted and talk about the Expanse for far too long.

Session Speakers

Simon Whiteley

Director of Engineering


Denny Lee


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