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Unity Catalog: Journey to unified governance for your Data and AI assets on Lakehouse

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  • Session


  • Hybrid


  • Data Security and Governance


  • Moscone South | Level 3 | 306


  • 35 min


Modern data assets take many forms: not just files or tables, but dashboards, ML models, and unstructured data like video and images, all of which cannot be governed and managed by legacy data governance solutions. Join this session to learn how data teams can use Unity Catalog to centrally manage all data and AI assets with a common governance model based on familiar ANSI SQL, ensuring much better native performance and security. Built-in automated data lineage provides end-to-end visibility into how data flows from source to consumption, so that organizations can identify and diagnose the impact of data changes. Unity Catalog delivers the flexibility to leverage existing data catalogs and solutions and establish a future-proof, centralized governance without expensive migration costs. It also creates detailed audit reports for data compliance and security, while ensuring data teams can quickly discover and reference data for BI, analytics, and ML workloads, accelerating time to value.

Session Speakers

Todd Greenstein

Staff Product Manager


Yuyuan Tang

Software Engineer, Unity Catalog


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