From Batch to Real Time: Overstock’s Journey Towards Unifying Analytics Across Data Engineering and Data Science

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With great data, comes great responsibility. At, lack of data has never been an issue. We know everything from the color you search most, to which room you’ll redesign next. We can see individuals transition from furnishing their first flat to building their dream home, but processing this data requires some serious firepower. It has fueled our focus on delivering real-time personalization through the unification of data and AI. Databricks is at the crux of this vision – empowering us to leverage cloud-scale with a platform that simplifies data engineering and increases the productivity of our data science team.

Tune in as Chris Robison takes you through marketecture innovations in building a successful marketing technology infrastructure for instantaneous individualized marketing experiences.

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Chris Robison
About Chris Robison

Chris joined Databricks in July of 2019 as a Solutions Architect. Previously, as Director of Data Science for Digital Marketing and Fraud Prevention at Overstock, he and his team utilized big data and machine learning to create personalized shopping experiences for customers. With a focus on working to unite data flow and Data Science to facilitate an omni-channel marketing experience driven by real-time data, he worked extensively on display, email, PLA, and Paid Keywords leveraging modeling techniques from classical time series to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence. Prior to joining Overstock in 2016, Chris gained widespread experience at early-stage startups using Apache Spark and building out data science frameworks and solutions. He graduated from the University of Utah with dual Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Statistics.