Data Brew
Season 2, Episode 5

ML Applications

Good machine learning starts with high quality data. Irina Malkova shares her experience managing and ensuring high-fidelity data, developing custom metrics to satisfy business needs, and discusses how to improve internal decision making processes.

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Irina Malkova

Irina Malkova is the VP of Data Science Applications at Salesforce, and joins us to share the good, the bad, and the ugly, behind building ML applications. With her extensive background in driving business value with ML, she discusses the challenges one faces with security, scale, data quality, and the process to define effective metrics.

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Welcome to Data Brew by Databricks with Denny and Brooke. This series allows us to explore various topics in the data and AI community. Whether we’re talking about data engineering or data science, we’ll interview subject matter experts to dive deeper into these topics. And while we’re at it, please enjoy your morning brew. My name is Denny Lee, and I’m a developer advocate here at Databricks.

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