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Welcome to Data Brew by Databricks with Denny and Brooke!

In this series, we explore various topics in the data and AI community and interview subject matter experts in data engineering/data science. So join us with your morning brew in hand and get ready to dive deep into data + AI!


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Season 3

For our third season, we focus on how leaders use data for change. Whether it’s building data teams or using data as a constructive catalyst, we interview subject matter experts from industry to dive deeper into these topics.

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Disrupt: Challenge your Business Assumptions

In this season opener, Elena Donio shares her experience using data and domain knowledge to disrupt the traditional service and sales compensation model. She also discusses how to build companies that scale, manage corporate cultural evolution, and the influence of corporate boards.

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Data Culture Outside ‘The Valley’

Have you ever had a spam call automatically blocked for you? You can thank First Orion for that – in one day they blocked or scam tagged over 108 million calls – just on T-Mobile alone! In this episode, we have the pleasure to chat with Charles Morgan and Kent Welch, CEO and CDO, respectively, of First Orion to discuss Arkansan data culture, First Orion’s one hundred day program, and team culture.

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3 T’s to Securing AI Systems: Tests, tests, and more tests

What does it mean to make your machine learning system “production-ready”? Yaron Singer walks us through the infrastructure, testing procedures, and more that help make ML systems ready for the real world in this episode of Data Brew.

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Executive Education

Did you know that the average tenure of a board member is longer than the average tenure of a marriage in the United States? In this episode, Coco Brown discusses the benefits and drawbacks of the long tenures of corporate boards, their current structure, the impact of recent legislation, and the importance of executive education to guide you through all of this.

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Sustainability & Sake

We interview Junta Nakai in our most unique location yet – Brooklyn Kura – the first non-Japanese sake distillery in New York. In this episode, Junta shares the philosophical, economic, and tactical approaches to sustainability and ESG, as well as the secrets to brewing sake in the US.

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Open Source

For our season 3 finale, Nithya Ruff discusses the open-source ecosystem, ways to contribute to open-source projects (hint: it’s not just about the code), and how businesses can balance community and company interests. With 95% of open-source contributions coming from men, Nithya also educates us on how to improve diversity & inclusion in the open-source community.

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About the hosts

Brooke Wenig

Brooke Wenig is a Director of the Machine Learning Practice at Databricks. She leads a team of data scientists who develop large-scale machine learning pipelines for customers, as well as teach courses on distributed machine learning best practices. Previously, she was a Principal Data Science Consultant at Databricks. She received an M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA with a focus on distributed machine learning. She speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently and enjoys cycling.

Denny Lee

Denny Lee is a Developer Advocate at Databricks. He is a hands-on distributed systems and data sciences engineer with extensive experience developing internet-scale infrastructure, data platforms, and predictive analytics systems for both on-premises and cloud environments. He has a Master’s of Biomedical Informatics from Oregon Health and Sciences University and has architected and implemented powerful data solutions for enterprise healthcare customers. His current technical focuses include distributed systems, Apache Spark, deep learning, machine learning and genomics.

Brooke and Denny are two of the co-authors of Learning Spark, 2nd edition.

Contact the Data Brew team on Twitter: @databrew_db or on LinkedIn