Smarter risk and
compliance with data and AI

Fraud, risk and compliance are fundamentally data challenges.

Financial Institutions today are dealing with unprecedented volatility and increasing pressure from regulators. Delivering value to customers while driving sustainable growth has never been harder. The key to successfully managing risk and compliance in this environment lies within data. With a modern data-driven strategy, financial institutions can rapidly respond to their most pressing risk and compliance issues at scale.

Financial Leaders Rely on Databricks

Risk and Compliance on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Analyze data

Analyze data at unlimited scale

Native to the cloud and built for performance, the Databricks Lakehouse Platform provides the elastic scale needed to process massive volumes of batch and streaming data at lightning speed. With a full suite of analytics capabilities, teams can scale simulations for thousands of risk scenarios, monitor billions of transactions with AI-powered anomaly detection and analyze years of historical and intraday data for compute-intensive regulations like FRTB.

Build models you can trust with a transparent data foundation

Bring transparency to your risk and compliance program without sacrificing agility. Databricks unifies all your data and analytics workflows in a single platform with data lineage and model governance capabilities. Teams can easily monitor data, track models and share results to meet the needs of regulators with MlFlow. MLFlow provides an efficient and easy-to-use set of tools which provide the backbone for model risk management.

Governed Data Foundation

Connect real time data

Connect real-time data with analytics for rapid response

Real-time data is now instantly available for analysis, thanks to Delta Lake™, an open-source storage layer that makes streaming and batch data ready for analytics as soon as it comes in. With fast, reliable streaming data analytics, teams can respond in real-time to any fraud, risk or compliance event.

Lakehouse for compliance

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Get Started with Risk and Compliance Solutions

Improve your risk and compliance program with Databricks Solution Accelerators – pre-built templates for data + AI use cases packaged in a Databricks notebook.

Risk Management

Land data from various sources to generate real-time insights on risk factors and business performance

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Proactively identify user profiles for KYC and irregular patterns in transactions

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Fraud Prevention

Enable anomaly detection at scale to respond to emerging patterns of fraudulent and malicious behavior to protect your business

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Regulatory Data Sharing

Combining data standards with the flexibility of Delta live tables to provide risk and compliance teams with full confidence in regulatory data being shared.

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