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Correlation Over Causation: Cracking the Relationship Between User Engagement and User Happiness

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  • Data Analytics, BI and Visualization


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  • Moscone South | Level 2 | 211


  • 35 min
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As a head of product on the Confluence team at Atlassian, I own the metrics associated with user happiness. This a common area of ownership for heads of product, GMs, CEOs. But how do you actually use data to move the needle on user happiness, and how do you convert user activity and engagement insights into clear actions that end up positively impacting user happiness?

In this talk, I would like to share the approach we developed jointly with our data analytics team to understand, operationalize and report on our journey on make Confluence users happier. This talk will be useful for data analytics and data science practitioners, product executives, and anyone faced with a task of operationalizing improvement of a "fuzzy" metric like NPS or CSAT.

Session Speakers

Natalia Baryshnikova

Head of Product, Confluence Experience


Rameil Sarkis

Product Analytics Leader - Confluence


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