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Embedding Privacy by Design Into Data Infrastructure Through Open-Source, Extensible Tooling

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  • Data Security and Governance


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  • Moscone South | Upper Mezzanine | 152


  • 35 min
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The systemic privacy issues in our digital infrastructure stem largely from a fundamental design flaw: privacy is only considered reactively, once personal data is already flowing. Consumer trust is more valuable than ever, and the legal stakes for respecting personal data continue to climb. Appointing a privacy engineer to check boxes at the time of deployment won't cut it...the status quo for data context and data control - in other words, privacy controls - needs to change.

Analogous to AppSec's leftward shift, privacy responsibility lies with builders and maintainers of data and software systems. This requires resources for developers to embrace their role in tasks like evaluating privacy risk with minimal friction, compatible with the array of modern data infrastructure. Cillian will share actionable steps to implement Privacy by Design and offer just one example of what it could look like in action with open-source devtools for automated privacy checks in the CI pipeline.

In this talk, Cillian will show how developers can and must play a key role in embedding privacy and respect into their technical systems. He’ll discuss and demonstrate the following:
- Diagnosing modern privacy challenges, such as data discovery and privacy risk assessment, that our collective infrastructure is not built to support in an intuitive way
- Establishing a shared understanding of privacy concepts and responsibilities for the key stakeholders in data privacy: legal, business, and data teams
- Describing privacy behaviors in code to automate code reviews against privacy policies in the CI pipeline
- Building a system for data privacy orchestration that fits an organization's unique data infrastructure needs, achieving both nuance and scale.

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Cillian Kieran



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