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Leveraging ML-Powered Analytics for Rapid Insights and Action (a demonstration)

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  • Moscone South | Level 2 | 207


  • 35 min

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The modern data stack makes it possible to query high-volume data with extremely high granularity, dimensionality, and cardinality. Operationalized machine learning is a great way to address this complex data, focusing the scope of analyst inquiry and quickly exposing dimensions, groups, and sub-groups of data with the greatest impact on key metrics.

This session will discuss how to leverage operationalized AI/ML to automatically define millions of features and perform billions of simultaneous hypothesis tests across a wide dataset to identify key drivers of metric change. A technical demonstration will include an overview of leveraging the Databricks Lakehouse using Sisu’s AI/ML-powered decision intelligence platform: connecting to Databricks, defining metrics, automated AI/ML-powered analysis, and exposing actionable business insights.

Session Speakers

Joel McKelvey

Vice President, Product and Partner Marketing

Sisu Data

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