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Polars: Blazingly Fast DataFrames in Rust and Python

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This talk will introduce Polars a blazingly fast DataFrame library written in Rust on top of Apache Arrow. Its a DataFrame library that brings exploratory data analysis closer to the lessons learned in database research.

CPU's today's come with many cores and with their superscalar designs and SIMD registers allow for even more parallelism. Polars is written from the ground up to fully utilize the CPU's of this generation.

Besides blazingly fast algorithms, cache efficient memory layout and multi-threading, it consist of a lazy query engine, allowing Polars to do several optimizations that may improve query time and memory usage.

Read more:

https://github.com/pola-rs/polars https://www.ritchievink.com/blog/2021/02/28/i-wrote-one-of-the-fastest-dataframe-libraries/

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Session Speakers

Ritchie Vink

Polars: Blazingly fast DataFrames

Xomnia BV

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