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So Fresh and So Clean: Learn How to Build Real-Time Warehouses on Lakehouse

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  • Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Data Lakehouses


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  • Moscone South | Level 2 | 202


  • 80 min
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Warehouses? Where we are going, we won't need warehouses! Join Dillon, Franco, and Shannon as they take an industry-standard Data Warehouse integration benchmark, called TPC-DI, which is a typical 80s style data warehouse, and bring it into the future. We will review how to implement standard data warehousing practices on Lakehouse, and show you how to deliver optimal price/performance in the cloud and keep your data so fresh and so clean. We will take an assortment of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in the form of CSV, TXT, XML, and Fixed-Width files, and transform them warehouse-style into Lakehouse with a historical load and incremental CDC loads.

Session Speakers

Franco Patano

Product Specialist DBSQL


Dillon Bostwick

Sr. Solutions Architect


Shannon Barrow

Sr Solutions Architect


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