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You have BI. Now what? Activate your data!

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Analytics has long been the end goal for data teams— standing up dashboards and exporting reports for business teams. But what if data teams could extend their work directly into the tools business teams use?

The next evolution for data teams is Activation. Smart organizations use reverse ETL to extend the value of Databricks by syncing data directly into business platforms, making their lakehouse a Customer Data Platform (CDP). By making Databricks the single source of truth for your data, you can create business models in your lakehouse and serve them directly to your marketing tools, ad networks, CRMs, and more. This saves time and money, unlocks new use cases for your data and turns data team efforts into revenue generating activities.

Session Speakers

Ernest Prabhakar

IT Biz Apps Manager

Nauto, Inc.

Kashish Gupta


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