David Sexton

Senior Director, Genome Technology and Informatics, Biogen

David is a Senior Director, Genome Technology and Informatics at Biogen. David has spent 27 years in life sciences as a scientist and information systems innovator across industry and academia. David leads a diverse group responsible for next-generation sequencing, computational biology, and ‘Omics information systems at Biogen. Previously, David was the Head of Genome Informatics at Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research where he led the group responsible for all genomic information systems at Novartis. He is also involved in industry efforts within the Pistoia Alliance to promote FAIR data practices in life sciences research. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Sciences and a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems.

Past sessions

Large scale genomics datasets like the UK Biobank are revolutionizing how pharmaceutical companies identify targets for therapeutic development. However, turning petabytes of genomics data into actionable links between genotype and phenotype is out of reach for companies using legacy genomic data technologies. In this talk, Biogen will describe how they collaborated with DNAnexus and Databricks to move their on-premises data infrastructure into the AWS cloud. By combining the DNAnexus platform with the Databricks Genomics Runtime, Biogen was able to use the UK Biobank dataset to identify genes containing protein-truncating variants that impact human longevity and neurological status.