Perry Stephenson

Senior Data Scientist, Atlassian

Perry is a Senior Data Scientist with Atlassian, using the latest machine learning algorithms to help Atlassian’s Support teams scale effectively whilst maintaining the legendary service Atlassian is known for. Prior to joining the Atlassian team, Perry was building artificial intelligence solutions to help improve the financial wellbeing of over 10 million customers of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Perry is also a lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, teaching the Data Science Programming course as part of the Master of Data Science and Innovation program.

Past sessions

As Atlassian continues to scale to more and more customers, the demand for our legendary support continues to grow. Atlassian needs to maintain balance between the staffing levels needed to service this increasing support ticket volume with the budgetary constraints needed to keep the business healthy - automated ticket volume forecasting is at the centre of this delicate balance. In this talk, Perry will:

  • outline the techniques used in modern automated forecasting pipelines
  • detail how Atlassian uses Prophet (an open source forecasting library from Facebook AI Research) to automatically generate high quality support ticket forecasts
  • detail how Atlassian uses Spark (via SQL) and Prophet (via R) in Databricks to train hundreds of forecasting models and generate forecasts automatically
  • demonstrate how Delta Lake and MLflow have been used to create a robust, fault-tolerant, auditable and reproducible ML pipeline