The Data Engineer’s Guide to Apache Spark™

Data Engineer Spark Guide

For data engineers looking to leverage Apache Spark™’s immense growth to build faster and more reliable data pipelines, Databricks is happy to provide The Data Engineer’s Guide to Apache Spark. This eBook features excerpts from the larger Definitive Guide to Apache Spark that will be published later this year.


内容の例:Spark のツールセット



このガイドでは、Apache Spark と Delta Lake について、次の事柄を中心に解説しています。

  • クラスタのコアアーキテクチャ、Spark アプリケーション、DataFrames と SQL を使用した Spark の構造化 API
  • Get a tour of Spark’s toolset that developers use for different tasks from graph analysis and machine learning to streaming and integrations with a host of libraries and databases.
  • Cover working with different kinds of data including Booleans, Numbers, Strings, Dates and Timestamps, Handling Null, Complex Types, and User-Defined Functions.