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Automate Reliable ETL on Delta Lake

The data pipeline lifecycle is slow and difficult, but providing fresh, reliable data is essential to make ML,  AI and data science possible. Data engineering teams need better ways to automate processes, templatize workflows, and abstract away low-value work in order to keep up with increasing business demands.

Delta Live Tables is a cloud service that makes reliable ETL – extract, transform and load capabilities – easy on Delta Lake. It helps data engineering teams simplify ETL development, improve data reliability, and scale operations. With Delta Live Tables, customers can:

  • Easily build pipelines declaratively, visualize dependencies, and manage them across different environments, automatically connecting to the right data and recognizing where issues arise.
  • Adopt test-driven development, enforce data quality expectations, and apply uniform data error handling policies.
  • Automate deployment processes to easily upgrade, rollback, and incrementally reprocesses data, with monitoring dashboards of pipeline data flow.

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