Virtual Code of Conduct

Data + AI Summit Events , Organized by Databricks

Summit Organizers are committed to creating a safe and inclusive virtual experience for our conference attendees, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. All communication — including at the event and various associated venues, as well as online — should be appropriate for a professional audience, including people of many different backgrounds and experiences. Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down other attendees. Act professionally. Remember that harassment and sexist, racist, or exclusionary jokes are not appropriate at any time at any event organized by Databricks.

Chat Guidelines for Attendees:

For all chat interactions during Data + AI Summit Virtual Event, we expect participants to abide by the event’s Code of Conduct to ensure the environment remains productive and respectful. The following chat guidelines will further help ensure we maintain an inclusive virtual experience throughout our event:

  • Be respectful of others.
  • Avoid conflicts and arguments.
  • Use common sense, kindness, and consideration together with the guidelines outlined above.
  • If you intend to participate in any video conference during the event, please make sure to dress appropriately.


If a participant engages in behavior that doesn’t comply with these expectations, Summit Organizers may take any action that we deem appropriate, including warning the participant, excluding the participant from certain activities, prohibiting the participant from attending future events organized by Databricks, expelling the participant from the virtual experience, banning the participant from online chats and other similar type experiences. Participants asked to stop any harassing or other unacceptable behaviors are expected to comply immediately. Anyone violating these rules may be asked to leave the virtual experience without a refund at the sole discretion of Summit Organizers.

Please note, while we take all concerns raised seriously, we will use our discretion to determine when and how to follow up on reported incidents, and may decline to take any further action and/or may direct the participant to other resources to address the concern.

Reporting an Issue:

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is, or have any concerns, please contact Summit Organizers at [email protected] and provide your name, phone number, email, and a description of the situation. Summit Organizers can only address complaints about behavior in the Virtual Event.

The reporting mechanisms under this Code of Conduct are not intended to address criminal activity or emergency situations. If you have been the victim of a crime or there is an emergency, please contact the appropriate municipal authorities, such as the police, fire, medical, or other emergency responder.

Thank you for helping make Databricks Data + AI Summit a welcoming, friendly place for all to share new ideas, learn, and connect.

Information for Presenters: Presenters who are unsure whether their presentations or other materials and communications are consistent with these expectations, please contact Toby Malina at  [email protected] in advance of the virtual experience.