Analyze Your Entire Data Lake

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Analyze your entire data lake at scale

Data lakes are the largest source of data in your organization. With Tableau and Databricks you can analyze your entire data lake. Delta Lake provides the only engine for performant and scalable analytics for data lakes.

Access all your data in real time

Consistent data pipelines automate updates of batch and streaming data to keep it all up to date. Get instant access to your most time-sensitive data.

Tap into the leading data science platform

Step into Databricks notebooks and apply data science and machine learning to deliver deeper insights. Common Databricks use cases include:

  • Recommendation & Personalization Engines
  • Risk, Fraud, Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Customer 360 Engagements, Ad Targeting
  • Inventory Asset Optimization & Allocation
  • Genomics & DNA Sequencing
  • Predictive Maintenance, SCM Seasonal Costing
  • Sentiment & Customer Churn Analysis
  • Security Compliance & Intelligence
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Data Lake Analytics Summit With Tableau and Databricks

Register now for the Data Lake Analytics Summit With Tableau and Databricks

Highlights include:

  • Welcome by Databricks and Tableau executives
  • A demonstration of Databricks/Tableau integration with key use cases such as fraud detection, recommendation engine and churn detection
  • Presentations by customers and partners.
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