Clean, complete, uncompromised data to improve business decisions

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Easy ETL at huge scale

Analytics at scale

Databricks enables analytics processing of large-scale data using the best-in-class Apache Spark

Cloud native service

As a cloud-native service with capabilities like auto-config and auto-scaling, Databricks addresses operations and operational cost head-on

Drag and drop ETL

Talend enables more users to reap the benefits of Databricks without coding

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“As part of our cloud data platform strategy, we rely on Databricks and Talend to help us run data engineering projects at huge scale using the best Spark analytics engine and an easy-to-use interface. High velocity data from our sensors and enterprise systems are used to help us make real-time decisions on maintenance, monitoring and asset management. This modern approach enables us to break down silos and better monetize data to help run our energy operations more efficiently.”

-René Greiner, Vice President, Enterprise Data Integration, Uniper


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