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Generative AI Fundamentals

Build foundational knowledge of generative AI, including large language models (LLMs), with 4 short videos

Generative AI, such as ChatGPT and Dolly, has undoubtedly changed the technology landscape and unlocked transformational use cases, such as creating original content, generating code and expediting customer service. And the technology's applications are growing daily. Organizations that harness this transformative technology successfully will be differentiated in the market and be leaders in the future. Get up to speed on generative AI with this free on-demand training.

Here is how it works:

  • Watch 4 short tutorial videos
  • Pass the knowledge test
  • Earn a badge for Generative AI Fundamentals you can share on your LinkedIn profile or résumé

Videos included in this training:

  • Welcome and Introduction to the Course
  • LLM Applications
  • Finding Success With Generative AI
  • Assessing Potential Risks and Challenges

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