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Part 1: Openness and Simplicity in Financial Services

Find out how embracing openness and simplicity would help the sector unlock the full potential of its data and innovate faster.

Part 2: MLOps in Insurance

Find out how to implement transformative AI/ ML solutions using the Databricks Lakehouse platform to drive policy, process, and practice.

Part 3: Customer Acquisition & Personalization

Discover how financial institutions can overcome the challenges of disparate systems and siloed data sources to turn the customers’ digital footprint data into actionable insights.

Part 4: Risk, Fraud and Compliance Management

Discover how to utilize data and AI to move toward a more holistic, agile and forward-looking approach to risk, fraud and compliance management.

Customer Story: ABN AMRO

Learn how a modern lakehouse platform and collaborative approach to analytics have helped ABN AMRO instill a data-driven culture across the entire organization.

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