Apache Spark Performance Troubleshooting at Scale, Challenges, Tools, and Methodologies

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This talk is about methods and tools for troubleshooting Spark workloads at scale and is aimed at developers, administrators and performance practitioners. You will find examples illustrating the importance of using the right tools and right methodologies for measuring and understanding performance, in particular highlighting the importance of using data and root cause analysis to understand and improve the performance of Spark applications. The talk has a strong focus on practical examples and on tools for collecting data relevant for performance analysis. This includes tools for collecting Spark metrics and tools for collecting OS metrics. Among others, the talk will cover sparkMeasure, a tool developed by the author to collect Spark task metric and SQL metrics data, tools for analysing I/O and network workloads, tools for analysing CPU usage and memory bandwidth, tools for profiling CPU usage and for Flame Graph visualization.
Session hashtag: #EUdev2

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